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The Alstor 8x8 is designed to be used for Forestry, Utility and Environmental Companies, to gain access to difficult or sensitive areas. The Alstor 8x8 is an 8 wheel drive, low ground pressure machine, with excellent terrain capabilities. The Alstor 8x8 is a multi concept machine with various load bodies available for different working environments. Forwarder model with timber trailer and log loader, tipping body to carry aggregates and loose items, chipper body to crane feed and chip timber, etc.
There is a choice of petrol and diesel models with either light carrier bar or full cab for operator protection. Alstor 8x8 is produced in Sweden by manufacturers AB Alstor. It was designed in 1998 and now has sold over 350 units worldwide. It is the fastest selling mini-forwarder on the market, with excellent reliability and strength. All UK models are now the Profi range, which is the strongest model available, this enables faster outputs and operator comfort.

The Alstor 8x8 can  easily be moved between  work sites on a 16 ft/ 5m trailer and 4x4. This reduces haulage costs and increases machine safety. The Alstor 8x8  has a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes and has an unladen weight of 1300kg in forwarder mode. Outputs are very good and with a competent operator it is possible to move 20-50 cubic metres of shortwood per day in timber production. The Alstor 8x8 is increasingly being used for footpath and water ways access and maintenance, for the removal of debris against bridge stanchions, to move aggregates to difficult areas and for work on S.S.S.I.'s
(sites of special scientific interest), where low foot prints are important.

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Customer with his new  World exclusive  Alstor 820 diesel "Blue"